Seed Sales & Farm Services

Fawn View Farm is a proud supplier of Channel Seeds, Preferred small grain and Eddie Mercer products. We also offer custom planting and harvesting services and seed treatment for local farms. Please contact Greg Stewart for more details: 410.459.6034


Channel Seeds

Channel® Seed is the 3rd largest seed company in North America.

Channel has hundreds of varieties of corn and soybeans available nationwide but in Maryland, there are 10 hybrids of corn and 8 hybrids soybeans that thrive in our environment and soil conditions.

As Seedsman, we are hands-on with our customers. We work closely with you to make sure you are as successful and profitable as possible. Not only do we provide a quality product, we service the product throughout the season. 

Preferred Seed

Preferred Seed is an independent seed company that specializes in small grain, forage seed and cover crop. Our main products in Maryland are grass seed for hay (orchard grass, Timothy, fescue, sorghum and alfalfa), forage grasses, forage sorghum, wild life mixes, red clover, crimson clover, vet chest, canola and cover crop seed.

Eddie Mercer

We also offer Mercer brand MBX wheat, AgriPro wheat and barley.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Greg Stewart 410.459.6034

Custom Farm Services

Fawn View Farm also offers custom planting and harvesting services for farmers in the area. In addition, we offer seed treating service. By utilizing seed treatment technology, growers can protect their crop investment, promote crop vigor and improve yields. 

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